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Your pregnancy is unique...
...and your care with your diet they should be too!


You are about to experience the most incredible and magical moment of your life! ❤︎


And to make this experience even more unforgettable, remember that your body, more than ever, needs special care.


And all this care starts with food, after all, it is crucial for your well-being and, mainly, for your baby's health.


Through adequate nutritional care, we can prevent diseases, guarantee the good development of the fetus and, above all, ensure that you have all the nutrients necessary to reach the moment of birth in the best possible way. 


Therefore, seek help from a nutritionist who specializes in pregnant women. You will have someone by your side giving you all the necessary guidance on what to do and what to avoid, and best of all: in a light, individualized way and totally free from meaningless restrictions. 

Photo of a pregnant woman


Nutritionist specializing in pregnant women


Focused guidelines for a healthy pregnancy


Recipes and menu suggestions tailored to your needs


Important breastfeeding precautions


Prevention and treatment of gestational diabetes


Did you know that "early childhood" (the phase from birth to 6 years old) is extremely important for child development? It is during this period that the brain develops its structure and circuits, and improves sensory abilities such as touch, smell and hearing, for example. And food has a lot to do with this evolution.

How do the services work?

Throughout your entire pregnancy, we will live an experience together, divided into 3 pillars:interview,follow-up It isindicator analysis.


Through this triad, we will develop an action plan to monitor its entire evolution through the data and numbers obtained and measured in our returns.


If each person is unique and has its own needs,

care for your pregnancy and nutrition should also be taken into account.

Shall we schedule a time?

My calendar combined with yours

To schedule an appointment, simply select the best date for you using the button.

Âncora 1

The trust of friends with your depositions .

Camila Bordenalli, mother of Helena (Lelê)

"Rebeca is very attentive and respects the individuality of each patient, making everything that involves feeding the little ones easier!"

Photo of a client of Rebeca
Photo of a client of Rebeca
Photo of a client of Rebeca
Photo of a client of Rebeca

Do you want to ask any questions first?

Contact me via Whatsapp.

Who is Rebeca Scaravelli?

Mother of Theo and Gael, pharmacist and postgraduate in Maternal and Child Nutrition fromFapes Health and certified byStanford inChild Nutrition and Cooking.

Passionate about babies and children, today, more than ever, I advocate a healthy and balanced lifestyle since pregnancy. Our food impacts generations.

Image of Rebeca with her children
Pillar chart with the main foods
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A world of options

Here, our mission is to NOURISH Generations, NOURISH the lives of those who occupy more than half of our hearts!

Nutritional monitoring without complications such as diabetes and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)

Of the green light and start the step of a lifedelicious and light!

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When it comes to reproductive health and fertility, there are still many things that need to be clarified and understood, especially from a nutritional point of view. Just like the general health and well-being of the body, the reproductive health of men and women also requires attention and a series of special care to keep it up to date. Check out our videos and find out more.

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