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Who is Rebeca Scaravelli?

An empathetic nutritionist... 🤓

I am the mother of Theo and Gael, a pharmacist and a postgraduate in Maternal and Child Nutrition fromFapes Health and certified byStanford inChild Nutrition and Cooking.

I have always been passionate about babies and children and today, more than ever, I advocate a healthy and balanced lifestyle since pregnancy. Our food impacts generations.


Here, our mission is to NOURISH Generations, NOURISH the lives of those who occupy more than half of our hearts! Let's talk?

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Follow me on Instagram

My Instagram is like this: I mix family and work in the same place. That doesn't mean I'm not going to stop bringing relevant and updated content, there's Live, tips and family photos.

Do you want dense content about child nutrition?

On my YouTube channel I share my lives and tips, there are more than 10 hours of lots of good content.

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