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Rebecca Scaravelli

Nutritionist for pregnant women


Weight control


Iron deficiency anemia


Personalized Diet and Supplementation


Gestational diabetes


Pre eclampsia


Nausea and nausea typical of pregnancy

Thank you very much for your love, support and support so far. Rebeca made a huge difference throughout my pregnancy and I am extremely grateful. Thank you for everything you saw. ♥️ I hope, in a few months, we will see each other again! But this time with Olivia's Food Introduction 🥰


Thais Badur

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Humanized service

I will propose a possible, pleasurable, tailor-made path for you to have a full, healthy and healthy pregnancy.with guidance 100% focused on your reality and needs.

How can I help you?


Control your weight in a healthy and natural way


Avoid and treatpregnancy risk situations


Minimize nausea, morning sickness and heartburn


To guaranteeadequate nutritional intake for mother and baby


Reduce cases of constipation and swelling in the legs


Follow thebaby weekly growth

What will your service be like?


Scheduling via WhatsApp


Nutritional assessment and diagnosis


Analysis of laboratory tests


Preparation of an individualized meal plan


Online consultation


Request for additional exams


Supplement prescription


Delivery of support material and personalized menu

Have a MORE PEACEFUL pregnancy

Why consult me?

Specialist in maternal and child nutrition and completely enchanted by the topic. Withtraining in Maternal and Child Nutrition from Fapes Saúde It isStanford certification in Child Nutrition and Cooking, I am prepared to help you, mom, take care of your health and that of your baby during this very special and transformative period. 


Secure your appointment now.


Online Consultation

Nutritional Assessment and Diagnosis

Individualized Diet Plan

Specific nutritional guidelines

Monitoring throughout pregnancy

Open channel via WhatsApp to answer questions

Exclusive bonus

Ebook“How to deal with nausea during pregnancy”

  • What does a maternal and child nutritionist do?
    This is the professional who takes care of nutritional health from pre-conception to adolescence
  • How important is the maternal and child nutritionist?
    Good nutrition guarantees good baby development, lower chances of chronic non-communicable diseases, healthy babies reflected in healthy adults.
  • How important is nutrition for the body?
    Our body is a machine that uses nutrients from food as a substrate. Vitamins and minerals participate in various reactions, such as the production of HCl in our stomach; proteins form our muscles that support us, carbohydrates feed our brain and so on; This is why good nutrition is so important!
  • How important is nutrition to society?
    Create healthy habits, reduce the incidence of obesity and NCDs, teach how to eat, increase life expectancy.
  • What can I do to make my child gain weight?
    Is it really necessary? To answer this, a nutritional assessment is important. Each individual is different, has a body type, a story, and just because you are too thin does not mean you need to gain weight.
  • How many calories does a baby need per day?
    It depends, it varies according to gender and age. It is important to consult a qualified and specialized professional to clarify any doubts. For example, a newborn baby may need around 500 kcal; However, more important than focusing on calories is ensuring that the newborn breastfeeds well, taking care of breastfeeding is fundamental.
  • How many calories does a child lose per day?
    She doesn't necessarily lose. She can lose one day and win the next. It all depends on the diet and activity you do that day. If your child is losing weight for no apparent reason, look for a specialist (pediatrician and/or maternal and child nutritionist) to help you find out why.
  • What is the best specialization in nutrition?
    It's that area that you most identify with, that you feel is your calling. Discovering this, research the institutions that offer the desired specialization, see program content and faculty. Remember that in post, you can also make contacts and partners.
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